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In Summary: An online publication to fill the content gap on information and knowledge about Energy Storage in Africa and the Middle East has been launched in London, United Kingdom. The online resource targets businesses, consumers and policy makers who will plan or use the new technologies shaping the ways in which humanity is getting to grips with new realities around energy storage in anticipation of the exhaustion of the existing energy resources.

Davis Weddi, editor, MEA publication

London, United Kingdom--A new online information and news publication has been launched to fill the content gap on information and knowledge about Energy Storage in Africa and the Middle East. The new resource has been in test mode for the last three months and is now set to roll out to audiences including businesses, consumers and policy makers in both markets. The URL to the site is:

A base office is currently operating in Kampala, Uganda with virtual nodes being operated in London, Nairobi, Kenya and Dubai, UAE. The team behind the resource includes Davis J. Weddi who is leading At-Large on Editorial and formerly Editor at CIO East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya; Emmy Olaki, a former Marcomms leader at Uganda Telecom and Information Technology Specialist Ronald Egesa who is also CEO of East Africa's Vianca Consult based in Nairobi.

“In General, we are media publishers interested in covering the Middle East and Africa in the areas of Energy Storage, Batteries and Solar,” Davis Weddi, the editor explained.  Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time. A device that stores energy is sometimes called an accumulator. Energy comes in multiple forms including radiation, chemical, gravitational potential, electrical potential, electricity, elevated temperature, latent heat and kinetic.

“Our interest is such that by all possible means, the Middle East and Africa are regions best adapted to the conditions that will need storage of energy now and in the future and forever,” Mr. Weddi says. He continues, “the fact that fossil fuels like Petroleum are quickly being depleted to the extent that it is predicted in the next 50 years these fuels will be scarce if not non-existent, we have taken it up and decided to quickly share all information we can lay our hands on in relation to new technologies shaping the ways in which humanity is getting to grips with new realities around energy storage.”

Mr. Weddi notes there is a lot of information to share about the Energy Storage news and information requirements and business in both regions. For example, “it is now a fact that China is a leading investor in Africa and is taking valuable minerals from the continent including Cobalt which is vital in making Energy Storage equipment, then sells the finished product back to Africa at very high prices,” he opines.

Energy storage MEA provides a hub for senior-level executives, sector business and advocacy groups and other Energy storage experts to exchange ideas and stay up-to-date with shifting trends and practices, not only in our focus regions of the Middle East and Africa but also from all over the world. “We provide commentary, events, reports, and other valuable expert-driven content,” Mr. Weddi says, adding, “we want to facilitate positive change through discussion and debate, enable dialogue and drive the positive benefits that Energy storage can offer.”

Mr. Weddi has assured their prospective audiences and readers that they will actively respond to their aims and interests. “So, get in touch with us if you think we can do even more. We welcome you on this journey as we explore these interesting subjects and sectors that are slowly shaping the economics, politics and social issues in the Middle East and Africa,” he implores.

Mr. Weddi noted that the online publication shall be driving the discourse on all digital fronts available to the group, which include but not limited to the online platform, energy storage conferences, round-tables, newsletters and some social media platforms. He revealed that they are operating out of four cities; London (UK) as the main base, Dubai (UAE) for the Middle East, Nairobi (Kenya) and Kampala (Uganda) in the heart of Africa.

“We welcome all information around Energy Storage, Batteries technology, Solar PV developments, and business that will be freely shared,” Mr. Weddi assured.

About the author: Mr. Davis Weddi is the editor of the new online publication and was formerly the Editor at CIO East Africa in Nairobi, Kenya.

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