Honeydrops Brings Miss Africa Fashion, Beauty Pageant to Dallas, Sat. June 25.

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By Samuel Muwanguzi

In Summary: This is one of a kind. A unique fusion of African fashion and beauty in a night of glamour and splendor, is inspired by a touch of professionalism and passion to end one of the social evils; domestic violence. Organized by Honeydrops LLC, a trend-setting Miss Fashion and beauty Africa pageants virtuoso, this pageantry promises to keep contestants, sponsors, patrons, and vendors as passionately thrilled as the planners. Riding on the back of a strategic partnership with Founding Father Inc., through which Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu jointly hosted and produced the highly acclaimed beauty pageants; Miss Fashion Nigeria 2014 and 2015 and coupled with over a decade of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, she is rendering her strong portfolio to make the maiden Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa pageantry in Dallas a historical blast and a must-attend event. The Wyndham Hotel Gardens, North Dallas, 2645 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75234 is hosting the maiden show.

Dallas, Texas—the first ever miss fashion and beauty Africa pageant organized by the trend setting Honeydrops LLC will take place at The Wyndham Hotel Gardens in North Dallas on Saturday, June 25th, 2016, Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu, founder of Miss Fashion and beauty Africa pageants, a pro makeup artist, fashion and beauty consultant, announced Wednesday. The hotel is located at 2645 LBJ Freeway, Dallas, Texas 75234. Is hosting the maiden show. “This red carpet and formal attire event,  marking a new era in the world of pageants to take its throne, will highlight the diversity, classiness and beauty of all women of African descent worldwide,” a press release issued by Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu,  also CEO of Honeydrops MUA and Cosmetics stated.

Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu, the brain behind this unique and maiden pageantry, also president of Honeydrops foundation said the purpose of the competition is to provide a platform that elevates the African fashion into mainstream designs and opportunities for women and young girls of African descent in the diaspora.  “This pageantry will showcase the beauty, poise, intelligence, cultural influence, and advocacy for social and humanitarian issues that matter the most to women and young girls of African descent as ambassadors of Africa,” the  gregarious fashion maestro and mother of three said. “The Miss Fashion & Beauty Africa Pageant aims to create a generation of women and young girls of African lineage who will proudly celebrate and share with the world what makes them beautiful both inside and out, ” Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu, also a passionate and outspoken anti-domestic violence campaigner stated in the press release.

Lending her professionalism and experience to this event, this pageants virtuoso is holding nothing back to ensure this pageantry keep contestants, sponsors, patrons, and vendors as passionately thrilled as the planners; a guarantee that this maiden Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa pageantry in Dallas will be a historical blast and a must-attend event. Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu, who holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Microbiology from the University of Lagos, Nigeria, a Master’s of Science in Psychology from the University of Phoenix, Arizona, USA, and a PMP and PHR Certified beautician, stated that the pageantry will feature two segments of competitions; the junior title, “Miss Fashion & Beauty Africa Junior 2016” and the grand title “Miss Fashion & Beauty Africa 2016”. The majestic event will start with a VIP and VVIP reception at 6pm to 7:30pm followed by the main event from 8pm to 12 midnight. During this segment, the junior and grand title presentations will be held, she disclosed.

Riding on the back of a strategic partnership with Founding Father Inc., through which Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu jointly hosted and produced the highly acclaimed beauty pageants; Miss Fashion Nigeria 2014 and 2015, her expertise is now widely sought after to produce fashion and beauty tradeshows and events in Texas. This trail-blazing portfolio is compounded by over a decade of experience in the fashion and beauty industry, coupled with her passion and loyalty toward African fashion, a strong record   that Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu is rendering to make the maiden Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa pageantry in Dallas this month a foundation and springboard for a Global Platform for African fashion and Beauty in the diaspora.

During this unique Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa Pageant that will blend fashion and beauty, only Afro-heritage juniors aged between 7 and 15 years are eligible to register and compete in the pageantry, the press release stated.  Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu explained that the top 10 contestants will receive scholarships to attend a-Honeydrops-organized- 2 week camp “Mentoring Young Black Girls Camp” to receive etiquette, self-image development and career building lessons through experienced fashion industry professionals. This annual program will be funded through honeydrops scholarship fund, she disclosed.


The showcase for the junior and grand presentations will prominently feature a variety of high profile performances by emerging and major recording artist, cultural dance groups, fan interactions, and prize giveaways, Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu disclosed. “During the red-carpet event, the atmosphere and ambience will inspire patrons to interact with several sponsors and supporters throughout the evening,” the statement partly read.

According to Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu, registration for the pageantry and Tickets to the event is available online at: www.missfashionandbeautyafrica.com/ and at: www.missfashionandbeautyafrica.com/tickets. She advised potential contestants, sponsors, vendors, and patrons to visit the official website at www.missfashionandbeautyafrica.com for more information related to rules, regulations, and vendor Spaces, and sponsorship opportunities. The pageantry organizers can also be contacted on phone number: 214 458 3777. Or via e-mail at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu said the Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa pageant will highlight the collaboration between Africa Fashion Designers and contestants of African or Afro Heritage to win 4 categories of the competition. “The designers will be judged on their fashions and the contestants on their ability to convince the judges of their pageant skills, talents and beauty,” she stated.

the competition and criteria for participation and success are consistent with the mission of honeydrops which is to create a platform that African Designers can step up to the next level of their careers and make African fashions available to the international design community.   For this event, Honeydrops is partnering with Coleman Production Company out of Miami to offer branding campaigns to winners who will be guaranteed a spot to showcase designs and walk one or more of the Miami fashion week runways. Media partners to this pageantry, including Puissance Maison Production Company and Coleman productions will televise the event to national networks including but not limited to Centric, OWN, VH1, and other potential networks as a documentary or mini-series, the press release stated.

“This production will capture the struggles of women of color in the fashion industry and show the revolution of creating a credible platform that elevates and promotes African Fashion,” Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu stated, adding, “portraying Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa Pageant as a safe haven for models of color and the primary ambassador for African fashion.” Through Miss Fashion and Beauty Africa Pageant, African designers will continue to be given access to mainstream international fashion, she disclosed.

Honeydrops Foundation,  a subsidiary of Honeydrops LLC, the parent company and creator of the pageant, runs on a platform that campaigns and advocates against Domestic violence, a prevalent epidemic that plagues our society as much as any physiological disease especially within communities of people of color.  “We lend our voice to the voiceless, we lend a hand to helpless, and we lend our funds to rebuild countless lives broken or lost to domestic violence as our daily mantra and practice,” Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu stated in the press release.

As part of honeydrops commitment to advocating for victims of domestic and all forms of violence, some proceeds from the pageantry will benefit the Center for Empowerment for families and youth, a Non-profit organization providing education, cultural enrichment, counseling and health and wellness services to underserved families in  Batin Rouge, Louisiana.   Seadentra Foundation, an agency advocating for victims of violence through the creation of a global alert system, currently instituted in Jamaica to locate victims of sex trafficking and violence, will also benefit from the pageantry.

A housewife, a mother, and a professional, Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu uses her skills and expertise as an educator with the Dallas Independent School District and runs her organization as a full-time  commitment alongside working with children within the Dallas Metropolis.  She is also a motivational and public speaker at seminars and fashion conferences around the United States.  Oyinkansola Jinadu-Adu received her professional certification from celebrity makeup artist Angie Ford in 2008 and is inspired by a sole mission of enhancing the lives of those she touches daily. She uses her skills to beautify and enhance the features of her clients through the flawless application of top of the line makeup and cosmetics products and her devotion to continuous education has helped her stay on top of the latest trends in the makeup, beauty and fashion industry. Oyinkansola has trained and certified successful makeup artists and serves many brides, families and individuals who desire to get the Honeydrops experience on their special occasions, including through one-on-one makeup tutorials.

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